What Makes a Good MLM Coach?

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What is Network Marketing Coaching?
March 15, 2018
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August 3, 2018

Multi Level Marketing or network marketing is, by definition, a people’s business and to be a successful MLM coach demands a strong ability to work with people.

In deciding what makes a good coach, one should first ascertain what the needs are of the people who are going to be coached. In other words, the coaching should be aligned with the requirements of the industry as well as the people receiving the coaching.

To an experienced coach, it matters less for which industry he coaches and more whether the student has the drive and ability to be a network marketer.

Because MLM marketing depends on people who are able to gather and motivate people in teams or networks, it is important that the coach is able to create leaders rather than followers. A coach should be able to define himself by the performance of his team, not only his own performance.

A good MLM coach is someone:

  • who is able to instil a vision in other people;
  • who can teach his team that product and compensation plan knowledge is not related to performance;
  • who understands that not all people will meet his expectations or requirements for success in network marketing;
  • who can create value for his students;
  • who never knows enough not to learn from the successes of others;
  • who is a good presenter;
  • who is a leader, not a manager;
  • who has a good self image;
  • who teaches his team members to talk to people all the time;
  • who is a good administrator and planner and is able to teach his students the skill;
  • who is committed to personal development and constant improvement;
  • who is creative in the face of adversity.

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